National Event discusses on sustainability of agro-business in Passo Fundo

Food consumption in the world will reach numbers which have never seen before in the coming decades. It will be necessary to produce much more. Nevertheless, we have to take care of the environment, since sustainable agriculture has an important role so that both situations are fulfilled: high production and nature preservation.

This issue has delimited the debates of agro-business in the country in the last few years. Now it is the time of Passo Fundo/RS to receive the SIMPAS - Integrated Systems of Handling in the Sustainable Rural Production, which is in its 59th edition, together with the National Seminar for the Development of Sustainable Agro-business. The activities happen from 12 to 14 of June in the University of Passo Fundo.

This event is a joint effort between entities promoters of SIMPAS and the National Seminar to the Development of Sustainable Agro-business that try to reach a set of information towards opinion leaders, technicians and producers that make agribusiness the motor of the Brazilian economy and shows us a scenario of optimism.

The achievement is of PD Exhibitions and Events and the promotion of the Brazilian Association of Agrobusiness (Abag), Brazilian Association of Seeds and Seedlings (Abrasem), National Association for Fertilizers Broadcast (Anda), National Association of Vegetal Defense (Andef), Association of the Agronomists of Passo Fundo, BSBIOS, Agriculture and Livestock Confederation of Brasil (CNA), Cotrijal, Emater/RS, Embrapa Trigo, Internacional de Nutrição Vegetal (INPI -International Plant Nutrition Institute), Sicredi, Rural Wrkers Union of Passo Fundo, Rural Union of Passo Fundo and University of Passo Fundo. The sponsorship is of BSBIOS, Cotrijal and Sicredi.



In order to subscribe just send an e-mail to asking for an enrollment form. After that, fill up the form and send it to the same e-mail, together with the deposit slip. These items may also be sent by fax through numbers 54 3313-7452 and 3314-7310. The investment is R$ 40,00 for students and R$ 50,00 for professionals until 8 of July. At the day of the event, a unique value of R$ 60,00 will be charged. The deposit must be achieved at Banco Sicredi, agency 0228, account number 38753-3, on behalf of LR Assessoria de Marketing e Promoções LTDA. For more information see e-mails and, and phone numbers 54 3313-7700, 3313-7452, 3314-7310 and 9149-6934.