National Opening of Canola Crop happens on Monday

Next Monday (27), in the town gaúcho Colorado, activities that mark the beginning of canola crop in the country takes place. The "National Opening of Canola Crop" and the "Field Day of Canola Crop" will show the news about the crop, growth technique, harvest handling, dynamic with cut platform and windrowing and technical stands.

The event which was supposed to begin on day 21 had to be postponed for next Monday due to difficulties the rainy weather has caused to the region. According to the coordinator of the Development sector of BSBIOS Fábio Júnior Benin, the areas of canola have been developing well and precipitation shall not cause significant impact to the crop. "The productivity expectation is over the one recorded in crop 2009 since sowing has been made in advance when compared with previous crop, where the weather over the development of the crop was more favorable for the establishment of areas with greater productive potential. This last rain period, recorded in the finals stage of development, will allow the crop to finish its cycle without water stress periods", he said.

Crops must extend to next first fortnight of November. BSBIOS developed the crop in more than 60 towns in the North, Northeast and Northwest regions in Rio Grande do Sul, totalizing 15.000 ha area grown.

The opening of the National Canola Crop happens next Monday (09/27), from 12:30 am, at Agropecuária Ireneu Antônio Vian, in the town of Colorado. The activity is a fulfillment of BSBIOS, Produfort, Cotrijal, Embrapa-Trigo, Sindicato Rural de Colorado and Emater, with support of Banco do Brasil, Grupo DRS Biocomfuels, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Rurais de Colorado, ACICOL, UPF, Prefeitura de Colorado and Banrisul and sponsored by John Deere concessionária Castelmaq, Sicredi and Kuhn. Entrance is free.

 Information can be obtained by phone 54 2103-7144.