Parliamentary Front of Biodiesel is born with the mission of implanting the new Regulatory Mark in t

The goal is to elevate the mixture of fuel to mineral diesel in 20% within the next 10 years and to approve the legislation of taxes reduction on the productive chain.

The Parliamentary Front of Biodiesel, launched over Wednesday evening (11/19) in Brasília, is born with more than 280 parliamentary. One of the main objectives of the Front in the Congress will be the creation of a new Regulatory Mark for the sector of Biodiesel in Brazil. Increasing Biodiesel consumption in the internal market, implanting politics that allow Brazil to export Biodiesel, and the reducing taxation are three vital steps to elevate the competitiveness of the product.

"The immediate approval of project nº 3600/2004, which is in the Committee of Finances and Taxation, is important in order to make the reduction of taxes real. This way, we will boom the sector in terms of competitiveness", asserted Deputy Jerônimo Goergen (PP/RS) during his speech in the ceremony.

"By constructing a new Regulatory Mark with all links of the sector, we will guarantee conditions to enlarge consumption and production of Biodiesel in the country that has a large growing potential", stated the president of the Front.

"Biodiesel is, above all, life", asserted the vice-president of the Front, Senator Delcídio do Amaral (PT/MS).

According to the productive sector, there is real capacity to meet the demand and the perspective of percentage expansion of mixture of Biodiesel today is in 5%. "We intend and work in order to make the increase of the mixture of Biodiesel in fossil diesel feasible, that is, from the current 5% to 10%, beginning next months and reaching B10 to 2014, which is the year of the World Cup in Brazil, and reaching 20% within 10 years. By rising the percentage of Biodiesel, we will need more raw materials and this will make the productive chain to generate more employment and income", stated Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the chairman of APROBIO (Association of Biodiesel Producers of Brazil).

The opening of the Front counted on the presence of the Interim Minister of Agriculture, José Carlos Vaz, who reinforced: "We have stages to fulfill to be able to export products with aggregated value. And for that, we try to reach a condition of balance towards logistics and supply", asserted the Minister.

According to APROBIO, the Brazilian industry already has conditions to produce more than 6 billion liters of Biodiesel, but this may just be reached if there is a greater demand.