Petrobras Biofuel and BSBIOS will produce biodiesel in Paraná

Petrobras Biofuel S.A. and BSBIOS Indústria e Comércio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil S.A. have announced this Thursday (11/19) an undertaking, with paritary participation for production of biodiesel in the town of Marialva, in the state of Paraná. The total investment in this project is R$ 100 million.

The object of Petrobras Biofuel, Petrobras' subsidiary, is the production of biodiesel and ethanol. Currently, the company has a capacity installed of 324 million liters of biodiesel per year, together with three plants located in Montes Claros (MG), Candeias (BA) and Quixadá (CE). Because of the celebration of this business, Petrobras Biofuel will start to act in the South of the country, what will allow a more efficient logistic in the production and distribution to the markets of South and part of Southwest.

BSBIOS is one of the largest producers of biodiesel in the South of Brazil with a productive unit in Passo Fundo (RS). As it has capacity to produce 160 million liters per year, it runs in the crushing sector of vegetable oil crops with soybean, canola and sunflower. The company has been running an important investment project to enlarge its crushing capacity, reinforcing the integration of its productive chain and their programs of crops diversification for the production of biodiesel.

The industrial plant is in the final stage to fulfill its construction, generating 300 direct employments, in this stage, and it will have capacity to produce 120 million liters biodiesel per year. The forecast to commence running is to the 2nd trimester 2010. With the beginning of the plant activities 120 direct employments will be created, besides the opportunity of income generation to family farmers and cooperatives of the region in the supply of vegetable oil crops for the production of biodiesel.

Petrobras Biofuel and BSBIOS ally their managing, production and quality competences, already known by the market. Their mutual objective is to consolidate the Brazilian market development of biodiesel in line with the Programa Nacional de Produção e Uso de Biodiesel. The companies firm up commitment in lined with the growth of Paraná State, which receives, positively, the new undertaking.

The announcement which occurred this morning at the Palácio das Araucárias, in Curitiba, count on the presence of the Governor Roberto Requião, the President of Petrobrás Biofuel, Miguel Rosseto, the president of the Conselho de Administração da BSBIOS, Antonio Roso, the chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Battistella and the Mayor of Marialva, Edgar Silvestre, among other authorities.