Pilot sponsored by BSBIOS is the focus of Copa Porsche

It was almost a repetition of the previous rum. Miguel Paludo, sponsored by BSBIOS-Tasul, left first, fought for the victory with Leo Burti, led from the first to the last lap, won the 12th race of Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brazil, held in Curitiba, on 9/19. The largest difference in relation with the 11th race is that Burti abandoned with problems in the transmission system and left Paludo calm in the leadership: the pilot from Rio Grande do Sul state received the flag with 9 seconds advantage over Constantino Júnior, second position, and almost 16 over the third, Ricardo Baptista.

The win of Paludo was not only exactly "end-to-end" because Burti arrived first in the first curve. Soon after, Paludo recovered the leadership and remained until receive the checked flag. Held on dry lane and under the sun, race 12 started with the duel between Paludo and Burti for the leadership and with a dispute of three between Beto Posses, Ricardo Baptista and Marcel Visconde for the third position. In the meantime, Constantino Júnior, who had left in 14th position, recovered and would soon appear between the six first positions.

Pilot Miguel Paludo has, among other sponsors, the brand BSBIOS. The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, says that Miguel Paludo's performance, in Formula Porsche, has been the reason of satisfaction for the industry, besides making the broadcast of the company's name easier. Races 13 and 14/10 will be held in Interlagos as preliminary of the GP Brazil of Formula 1.