President of Emater visits BSBIOS

This morning (03), the president of Emater/RS Águeda Marcéi Mezomo and the chef executive officer of the Fundação Assistencial e Previdenciária da Extensão Rural (FAPERS) Gilberto Bonatto visited BSBIOS. They were received by the chief executive officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, by the Manager Director Gunnar Nebelung and by the Coordinator of the Development Sector Fábio Júnior Benin. The objective of their visit is to strengthen the relationship of Emater with the company.

President Águeda emphasized the partnership BSBIOS has with the body. "For Emater the agreement that the company has as for renewable energy, either in alternative crops production like canola or soybean, that is used to another purpose other than the usual, is very important. With that, Emater enlarges the rural extension and can take alternatives for production to farmers. Canola developed by BSBIOS is an example that worked well and contributes to farmer's income", he said.

The chief executive officer emphasized that BSBIOS employ efforts in the development of Canola. "This is an innovative work in the crop diversification area, thus it offers liquidity and a new income to farmers. In the beginning, the challenges were large. since the crop that had begun to be produced in Brazil in 1973 did not have Rural Zoning yet. With efforts of BSBIOS and Embrapa we could accomplish this important step and now we are at the third Zoning edition", he asserted.

President Águeda invited BSBIOS to participate in the Encontro de Extensionistas of the region that will happen in August. The same way, the invitation was then made for Águeda to participate in the National Opening of Canola Crop 2010 that will happen on September 21st, in Colorado.