Seminar discusses sustainable productive chain

Allying knowledge of actions that improve the chain of agro-business to practices that are ecologically correct is one of the objectives of the National Seminar for the Development of Sustainable Agro-business, which will happen on August 21st, at the Center of Events of the University of Passo Fundo.

Panels, lectures and debates are included in the program that intends to gather cooperative leaderships, rural producers and decision makers, under the perspective of discussing the Brazilian agro-business scenario. This event was achieved by PD Fairs and Events, and promoted by Sicredi, Cotrijal, University of Passo Fundo (UPF), Emater, BSBIOS, Rural Union of Passo Fundo, Rural Workers Union of Passo Fundo (STR-PF), Embrapa Trigo and the Association of Agronomists of Passo Fundo (AEAPF).

The opening lecture will count on the presence of Derli Dossa, chief of advisory and strategic management of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supply (MAPA), that will speak about thematic "Strategic vision for Agro-business - factors which will influence in productive processes".

Later, Paulo Etchichury, of Somar Meteorology, will speak on "Weather perspectives for the next months", during a debate that will count on the presence of researcher Gilberto Cunha of Embrapa Trigo of Passo Fundo.

In the afternoon, panel "How to turn into success the changes in crop production systems and reduce the risk of loss in the crops" will discuss forms of searching alternatives for rural production these days. Lamar Sakis of AEAPF and Professor Benami Bacaltchuk, of Agronomy and Veterinary College of UPF will mediate the debate. Yet, João Leonardo Pires - of Embrapa Trigo - and representatives of Cotrijal, besides rural producers invited will also participate.

To close the discussions, panel "Analysis of grains and meat market - trends and perspectives" - with Carlos Cogo, of Cogo Consultoria -, will approach the main thematic of the rural and livestock market situation. Cláudio Dóro, of Emater Passo Fundo, and Gunnar Nebelung, of BSBIOS, also participate.

The proposal of the seminar is to turn information which allow facing challenges and take advantages from agro-business feasible, not only to produce more and efficiently, but also with sustainability.

The enrollments may be done at the event. The investment is R$ 60,00.