Sustainable and Innovative: BSBIOS is recognized for its production process quality

"Innovating is necessary, but with sustainability," said the chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, when he received prize Destaque Inovação em Engenharia 2012, promoted by the Engineering Society of Rio Grande do Sul (SERGS), last Monday evening (16), at Theater CIEE, in Porto Alegre (RS). The award recognized the entrepreneurial companies that act as Pioneer in sustainable innovation, which have their processes sustainability based on the economic, environmental and social tripod. The objective of this prize is to encourage the innovative thought in technological production, as well as to recognize and stress the companies that collaborate for the development of the country.

BSBIOS was awarded by its biodiesel production, which is a renewable and clean energy that presents several benefits to society. "With two industrial plants that owns state-of-the-art technology, the company hires engineers from many areas that are in constant search for technological improvement to guarantee high quality and sustainable products," observed Battistella. The company has a yearly production capacity of 287 million liters of biodiesel, and its main raw material: soybean, cottonseed oil and bovine tallow, besides improving canola. "The company feels honored because besides producing biofuel it is also included in other awards category, in the case of Volvo - the ‘hybrid bus', since it s the official suppliers of biodiesel for collective that ride in Curitiba (PR)", emphasized the businessman. The president of SERGS, architect Sérgio Zimmermann, highlighted that sustainability and innovation must be in the DNA of the organizations. "We are very happy with this award, thus it values the effort and dedication of the competent staff of BSBIOS," said the president of the management council of company Miguel Soldatelli Rosseto. Six companies from the engineering sectors were awarded, to wit:

Agricultural Engineering - Stara;

Environmental Engeneering - Institute Biosenso of Environmental Sustainability;

Civil Engineering - Joal Teitelbaum Engineeering Office;

Electronic Engineering - Cliever Technology;

Mechanical Engineering - Volvo do Brasil Veículos;

Chemical Engineering - BSBIOS Indústria e Comércio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil S/A.