The date of the Opening of Canola Crop 2011 is already defined

Event marks the beginning of the harvest

The 3rd edition of the National Opening of Canola Crop and Canola Crop Field Day will happen on 22 of September 2011, in the District of Vista Alegre, in Colorado (RS). The date was defined during meeting last Friday (15), with the presence of representatives of the entities, institutions and companies promoters of the event.

The objective of the event is broadcasting new technologies concerning the growth of the crop, through theoretical activities and practice, as well as cut handling and windrowing and collection. Yet, it is intended to make producers, leaderships and authorities aware of the importance of the rural diversification process as an alternative of work and income generation in the property during the winter period.

To the chairman of ABrasCanola and BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the opening of the Canola crop is comprised of an important mark to the crop. "At this activity, we celebrate and broadcast the Canola crop as a feasible alternative to farmers. We observed that year by year, family and large or medium-sized producers have integrated to the planting system. We wish to enlarge the area growth, keeping quality," observed Battistella.

Through visiting stations, a technological approach will be achieved, beginning from sowing, fertilizing, handlings, new harvest technologies and commercialization as well as characteristics of physiology, development and technical assistance. Also, there will be a dynamic of cut and windrowing and collection.

The area of Canola growth has increased year by year in all main producer states of Brazil. In this crop there was increment of 41% in relation with last crop, from 41.976 ha grown in 2010 to 59.100 ha in 2011. In Rio Grande do Sul, the area sowed increased 29%, changing from 25.960 ha to 33.500 ha. In Paraná, there was a more significant increase, reaching 79%, changing from 12.840 ha to 23.000 ha, where just BSBIOS improved planting of 25 thousand ha in these states.

The events are a promotion of ABrasCanola, BSBIOS, Cotrijal, Embrapa-Trigo, Emater/RS, PRODUFORT, Rural Workers Union of Colorado and Rural Union of Colorado. And, it counts on the support of the Municipal City Hall of Colorado, Chamber of Representatives of Colorado, University of Passo Fundo (UPF), Banrisul, Banco do Brasil, Sicredi and Associação Comercial e Industrial de Colorado (ACICOL).