The Driver’s Day was celebrated with activities towards health prevention

More than 250 truck drivers pass by BSBIOS every day, most of the time they are far from their homes, achieving an important function to the country, that is, transport rural and industrial production. That is why, on the Driver's Day, July 25th, BSBIOS offered some activities towards health care. The manager of Security, Environment Health and Quality of BSBIOS, Larisse Garibotti, emphasized that the principle of the company is to apply measures which favour prevention and, the drivers are also integrated with the company. "BSBIOS is always concerned with the drivers' health and well-being, that is why it owns a local so that they can take some rest, eat and make their hygiene. And, with this prevention action we reinforce our commitment even more," stated Larisse.

Driver Deroci Calegaro, from Canoas, was one of the drivers benefited with this action. He has been a driver for eight years and reported that he takes advantages of the health prevention services offered. "These services are very important, it is not easy to mark an appointment, and we usually go home on the weekend and then we cannot have an appointment" emphasized Calegaro. The activity which occurred during all day in partnership with SESI provided eye examination to drivers, verifying blood pressure and directions on contagion ways and hygiene care, H1N1 and dengue. Yet, folders containing information on Good Practices of Manufacturing, security norms, among others, were delivered.