Tree Day is celebrated with planting and donation of seedlings in BSBIOS

Were given 260 seedlings and planted in the green area of the company 800 units of native trees

With the focus of preserving nature, BSBIOS held last Monday (21), on the national day of the tree, planting and donation of seedlings of native trees in its two units, Passo Fundo (RS) and Marialva (PR). The activity took place in partnership with the Water and Earth Institute (IAT), in Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, with the Municipal Department of Environment of Passo Fundo.

BSBIOS's mission is to "participate in the sustainable development of the planet through agroenergy" and among its values is Sustainability, so on this day the tree, stimulated and promoted reforestation. The initiative, which involved employees and outsourced workers, resulted in the donation of 260 seedlings and the planting, in the green area of the company, of another 800 units.

For The Quality and Environment Manager, Larisse Garibotti, the action is another way to encourage preservation. "Trees are more than necessary for everyone, and, with this action, we remember that planting is essential to reap the benefits in the future," Larisse said.

Collaborator Camila Tatsch said she will do the planting with her 10-year-old son. "My son was very excited about the possibility of being able to plant a tree and he was even happier that the species was a Pitangueira, the same as we had when we lived in the countryside," camila said. The same satisfaction was reported by the Coordinator of Environmental Quality, Luciana Languila. "Planting a tree is such a simple action, but it brings numerous benefits. It was gratifying to see the interest of our employees in taking the seedlings home; I have already planted mine now it is to take care that it grows," luciana said, also thanking the support received from IAT.

The planting in the Marialva Unit was part of the actions of the Paraná Mais Verde program. The IAT Regional Manager, Antonio Carlos Cavalheiro Moreto, Agronomist Fouad Hassan Paracat, Technical Resident Monique Ricci and Technical Resident Gustavo Gomes Ribeiro were participating in the activity.