Visit to soybean producer ring in the USA

Between 21 and 30 August, the marketing coordinator of BSBIOS Luiz Fernando Borba Júnior visited the soybean producer ring of the United States. The objective of his visit was to know the American soybean chain. At the opportunity, it was possible to know the Chicago stock market, where commercial transactions of the American and world grain production trade are made. Yet, producers, cooperatives, grain dealers, shipping terminal, biodiesel and ethanol plants, companies of seed production, rural equipments, the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas de Soja, kept by the producers association of the University of Illinois. The monthly report of the demand and offer published last Friday (09/10), by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirms the evaluation achieved during the visit. Borba already believed that a record grain crop would happen. "The American soybean crops are in excellent conditions", he asserted. According to the document, the area estimated for the soybean crop 2010/2011was 31.930 million hectares and production of 94.790 million tons. The productivity is around 50.09 sacks per hectare.