Wheat, Canola and Barley at issue

The importance and the perspectives of winter crops in the production system of the property

On May 11th, the attention of farmers, technicians and researchers is turned to the III Seminário de Culturas de Inverno, that happens at the auditorium of Embrapa-Trigo, in Passo Fundo/RS. The objective is to present options of choice for the planning and running of winter harvest, like the choice of growing and the decision of the technological investment in cultures like wheat, barley and canola, given the importance of the planning of winter areas, as well as to identify contributions that winter crops bring to the productive system of rural properties.

For the Coordinatior of BSBIOS Development Department, Eng. Agr. Fábio Júnior Benin, "the seminar will be the opportune moment for farmers to demystify myths as for the cultures, their handlings and economic margins, as well as to comprehend how important winter crops are in the region to productive systems, in a much deeper analysis than simply their individualized profitability, but the benefits to the productive systems, either in production costs sum of the properties or as an alternative for the consolidation of crops rotation systems," he stated.

The property management, growing and environment, agricultural insurance, marketing policies and climate change will be discussed at the Seminar. The programming begins in the morning at 9:00 with the official opening of the event, then a lecture on "Property Management" with the Technical Coordinator of Cotrijal, Eng. Agrônomo Robson Sandri, that will have the vice-president of Sicredi Planalto Médio RS Eng. Agr. Alexandre Palma Palagio, as moderator. Soon after, there will be a lecture on "Adaptation of winter crops to the productive environment" , which will be presented by the Researcher of Embrapa-Trigo, Dr. João Leonardo Fernandes Pires and moderated by the Eng. Agrônomo da UPF, Mauro Rizzardi.

In the afternoon, at 2:00, there will be a presentation of the theme "Agricultural Insurance" with Otávio Simchtt da Seguradora Tovese, moderated by the Eng. Agr. Lamar Sakis, and then the issue "Climate Change", with the Researcher of Embrapa-Trigo Dr. Gilberto Cunha, will be approached and moderated by the president of the Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Rurais de Passo Fundo Alberi P. Ceolin and the president of the Sindicato Rural de Passo Fundo João Batista Fernandes Silveira.

Finally, there will be a debate on "Marketing Policies", which will approach the three crops being focused: Barley, Canola and Wheat. Barley will be under the responsibility of Ambev Mauri Antoninho Bottini, Canola will be presented by the Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella and wheat by the wheat marketing responsible of CONAB - Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento - João Paulo de Moraes Filho. Moderation will be accomplished by the Gerente Comercial de Grãos da Cotrijal, Eng. Agr. Irmfried O. I. Schmiedt and by the Regional Technical Assistant of Emater, Eng. Agr. Cláudio Dóro.

The Seminar is achieved by Sicredi Planalto Médio RS, with the promotion of BSBIOS, Sindicato Rural de Passo Fundo, Emater/RS, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Rurais de Passo Fundo, Cotrijal, Associação dos Eng. Agrônomos, Universidade de Passo Fundo and Embrapa-Trigo. The event will have free entrance.