BSBIOS and Banrisul make an agreement in order to encourage the Canola growth

Last Tuesday (29), the new board of directors of Banrisul visited the installations of BSBIOS. The objective was to present the new managers of the institution and sign a protocol which establishes technical and financing cooperation for the development of Canola. The document was signed by the President of the Managing Council of BSBIOS Antônio Roso, by the Chief Executive Officer Carlos Battistella, by the Financing Managing Director Cristhine Fuga Roso Daniel, by the Chief Executive Officer of Alto Uruguai of Banrisul Angelo Antonio da Luz and by the Sales Director Jones Pfeiff. General Manager of the Agency of Passo Fundo Jenio Galon, the Supervisor of Rural Credit Fioreli Detoffol and the Cooperative Business Manager Neivaldo Luiz Mantovani also participated in the event.

The agreement aims at making cost conditions available for the winter crop of Harvest 2011. The Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, gave thanks to the great partnership. "BSBIOS has developed an important work with Canola in the South of the country, obtaining good results, but it still has to be improved. The partnership with Banrisul has been a great fulfillment as it makes feasible to farmers to invest in the crop," he emphasized. The Chairman of the Managing Council Antônio Roso, still reminded that the state has vocation for agriculture, "Canola is a great option for winter idle areas and it brings good results for the producer," he asserted.

The Chief executive Officer of Banrisul Alto Uruguai Angelo Antonio da Luz, emphasized that the bank is partner of initiatives like that. "Our goal is increasingly approach the area of agribusiness, making the access to financing credits feasible," Luz stated. The Business Director Jones Pfeiff also emphasized that the institution will count on a new system to the rural area. "We see a great opportunity in agribusiness, we wish to increase financings and Canola is included in this process," he said.

According to the Agroclimatic Zoning in Rio Grande do Sul, Canola growth must begin on April 11th and might last until June 30th. According to data of the Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento (CONAB) in Brazil the area grown with Canola in 2010, harvest 2010/11, was 46.3 thousand hectares, superior in 49.4% to harvest 2009 which planted 31 thousand hectares. Among the states where Canola is grown, Rio Grande do Sul is the greates producer, with 64.99% of the total produced in the country.