BSBIOS receives Top Human Being Award for the second consecutive time

The Biofuel of Overcoming, an award case, has as its main factor the consolidation of the culture of meritocracy, valuing the collective effort and accelerating processes of strengthening traits of the organizational culture

BSBIOS received, on the evening of Wednesday, November 23, the Top Human Being trophy, one of the main awards in People Management, for the second consecutive year. In 2022, the case of BSBIOS was the Biofuel of Overcoming, a variable compensation program,  implemented due to the important changes that the Company went through in 2021, in its organizational and corporate structure, with a review of the strategic guidelines and strengthening of the leadership, which impacted on the corporate culture and the way BSBIOS wants to be seen by the market,  allied to the development of BSBIOS culture traits, seeking to meet the strategic objective of attracting, retaining and developing talents.

The Program's premise is to welcome, consider the strategic plan of growth and expansion of BSBIOS, through incentives adhering to the business. Thus, it has two divisions, one being the Profit Sharing and Results (PLR), with the purpose of stimulating the achievement in the Company's financial results and the Renovar Bonus, which aims to internalize the behaviors that reinforce the desired traits of the culture.

The Renew Bonus has three pillars: sustainability, planning and work safety. In the sustainability pillar it has the objective of scoring through the participation of employees in projects or voluntary actions. The planning pillar, on the other hand, occurs in the elaboration of individual goals and indicators by the professionals who occupy leadership positions, [s] through an evaluation system; In addition, it also has the indicator of performing evaluation by competence and feedback, according to the methodology used by the company. Finally, the pillar of work safety aims at participation in occupational safety training and indications of ideas related to the theme, through the INOVAÍ Program.

The president of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, points out that the award recognizes that the creation of the Program was extremely relevant for the Company. "We are very happy to once again receive the Top Human Being, which reinforces our commitment to the entire BSBIOS team," he said, noting that the implementation of the Biofuel of Overcoming takes place with the purpose of sustaining the business, through the construction of a high-performance organization. "This provides the opportunity for contribution by all and the recognition of engagement and delivery of results, because while it is a challenge, it also serves as a stimulus, in the case of the Renovar Bonus, compensating the team through behaviors that reinforce the identity, values and culture of BSBIOS," he says.

The executive manager of Human Capital, Emanuele Milani Groth, points out that it is a joy to receive for the second consecutive year the Top Human Being: "It is an award that makes us extremely happy and motivates our team to continue with the work that has been done. The Biofuel of Overcoming was strategically built through the need to attract and retain talent through sustainable economic performance, so that we could transform a technical-functional management into a strategic one, where people constitute our competitive differential". In addition, Emanuele points out that the objectives are the creation of an environment of mutual cooperation, with broad participation, appreciation of collective effort and recognition of individual merit, introjection of behaviors that reinforce the desired traits of the organizational culture, development of increasing levels for the business and attraction and retention of the Company's best talents.

For 12 years at BSBIOS, the financial analyst of the Marialva/PR unit, Florinalva Aparecida Bonatti, points out that after the implementation of the Program she feels more involved with the activities carried out in the company. "We see the results that the Program has brought, many things have already changed since then. This initiative made us feel belonging, demonstrating the importance that each one has, in addition to developing us, not only on the professional side, but as people, practicing actions of kindness and love for others, which is undoubtedly transformative," he says.

Through the indicators of each of the pillars, the results obtained in 2021 show that the implementation of the Program is meeting the proposed objectives. The closing of the Renew Bonus resulted in 91% of employees receiving the bonus in full and 9% proportional to the time of company and achievement of goals.

Emanuele points out that the Renovar Bonus is a tool for fostering the BSBIOS culture: "We are continuing the Biofuel of Overcoming, mainly improving the Reward Reward from the results mapped in the previous year," says the manager.